Having Problems?

  Here are some common solutions ...

The basic layout with a caption
One line set-up, large bubbles, normal shade.

The basic two-line layout with a caption
Two-Line set-up, large bubbles, normal shade.

Two-Line set-up with 2nd line blank
This is two lines with 2nd line blank. Also bold numbers.
Could be used for A-L, or 1-9 ... since there are
only 6 max. bubbles per line.

True/False, light shading ...
And notice the style of the numbers are
different. "1)" instead of "1."

Using more columns
Use the next column to continue on with
questions ... uses the caption also.

Two-Line setup with continuation ...
See how column one ends with ABCD, and column 2
picks up with FGHI. You can see how Column 2
Line 1 starts with FGHI on the selection form.

Give students a practice column
Column 1 becomes a "practice" column.
Notice the Number Style is a letter instead
of a number. Goes from A-Z.

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