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Step 1 - Create the Top of the Test
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Text Line 1


Text Line 2


Text Line 3


Text Line 4


Text Line 5


Step 2 - Create Groups of Bubbles
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IMPORTANT: I'm getting emails asking why the question numbers are showing, but the bubbles are not. I can't display bubbles unless you tell me what they are supposed to be. Click 'Show or Hide Example' to see how bubbles are defined.    a,b,c,d or A,B,C,D etc.
Column One

Group 1


Group 2


Group 3


Group 4


Group 5


Column Two

Group 6


Group 7


Group 8


Group 9


Group 10


Column Three

Group 11


Group 12


Group 13


Group 14


Group 15


Column Four

Group 16


Group 17


Group 18


Group 19


Group 20


Column Five

Group 21


Group 22


Group 23


Group 24


Group 25


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